Quaco Head Lighthouse

Quaco Head Lighthouse is a must see!!

When planning your trip to St. Martin’s, New Brunswick make sure you plan a stop at the Quaco Head Lighthouse. You will not be disappointed! The lighthouse sits there peacefully on a cliff with rocky outcrops giving breathtaking views of the bay. To the southeast in the distance you can see Isle Haute.


Pack yourself a picnic lunch! take in all of the beautiful scenery will enjoying a relaxing peaceful picnic in one of the most beautiful places in New Brunswick if not the world!

The name Quaco is a First Nations name that means “Haunt of the Hooded Seal”. The entire St Martin’s area is given that name. There have been some artifacts found in this area that dates back 8500 years. Another interesting fact is that there have not been any hooded seals in this areas for many many years.

The Quaco Head Light house is part of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve.

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