St. Martin’s Sea Caves

Explore the sea floor at low tide and walk in the Sea Caves in St. Martin’s New Brunswick!

Ray and Car wanted to go for a day trip to St. Martins to explore the Sea Caves there! It was a beautiful drive from Cambridge-Narrows which only took just over an hour and we are defiantly doing that drive again in the fall when the leaves are colored!! Just an absolutely beautiful drive seeing all the scenery! Take a look at my slideshow below of some pictures I took on the drive there.

We packed a picnic lunch and our first stop was at the Quaco Head Lighthouse. WOW!! Amazing scenery! So quiet and peaceful and there was no one else there other than a woman walking her dog but she left after a couple minutes. It was the perfect place for our picnic. We enjoyed our picnic while looking out at the beautiful ocean views. We walked around exploring some, got pictures of the lighthouse and scenery.

If you are looking for a day trip you can do with spending little money, you should do this trip. Because we packed a picnic lunch we did not have to buy lunch. (Even though the smell of the food cooking at the restaurants at the sea caves smelled so yummy! Perhaps next time we will eat there.) Rayne and Car did get an ice cream though! So what little you do spend on gas and the ice cream makes this a great budget friendly day trip!

It is also worth stopping and taking a selfie with 2 covered bridges behind you!


Ok let’s talk about St. Martin’s Sea Caves!


For our trip we planned to arrive at low tide, which on that day was at 12:16 PM. You can find the tide schedule predictions here. The sea caves are not accessible during high tide. We will plan another trip to see how high the tide comes in, people say it is amazing to see them in low tide and then again at high tide.

There is parking along the road and there is also a parking lot at the end of the restaurants. We walked on the sea floor over to the sea caves and was able to walk in and around them exploring. We took lots of pictures. Ray and Car enjoyed walking in the water and looking for a wishing rock. They played in the red sand in the sea caves. It was really amazing to walk along the sea wall, we felt so small! The wall was so tall!

When you are there, look for a wishing rock. There are so many smooth rounded rocks laying on the sea floor and the locals call them wishing rocks. You find one and make a wish, you keep the rock until your wish comes true then you pass the rock along to someone else.

We were happy we went to visit the St. Martin’s Sea Caves. It gave us a chance to see something fascinating that our province of New Brunswick has. It gave us a chance to see the Quaco Lighthouse and also to get a picture of two covered bridges at once.

You make want to take an extra pair of shoes because chances are the ones you are wearing will get wet and/or muddy.

I hope you enjoy our pictures and leave us a comment of your trip to St. Martin’s Sea Caves!


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We hope you enjoy our pictures of the Sea Caves!


While vacationing in Cambridge-Narrows, NB why not take a road trip to visit the St. Martin’s Sea Caves.

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